Nutrition can be confusing! One minute a food is bad for you, the next it’s virtually a superfood. So how are you supposed to keep on track with your nutritional requirements to support your chosen sport(s) or lifestyle?

Let us help you to find a solution to suit your nutritional needs, whether your aim is to:

  • Lose body fat healthily
  • Gain muscle to race strong
  • Fuel your body effectively to train
  • Or simply to maximise your energy for everyday life

Working closely with you we tailor a plan to work with your long of short term goals. We can find ways to ensure that your nutrition is optimal, and the food you eat is enjoyable.

We start off with an initial consultation to discuss your goals and current eating plan so we can make any adjustments that may be required. The aim is to have you feeling in control of your food, and that the food you put in your body is working for you and not against you.

You won’t feel deprived or feel like you are on a “diet”. The aim is for you to feel good, full of energy, in control and hitting your personal goals in whatever capacity that is needed. We will make sure working together is fun, informative and realistic. The aim is to leave you feeling motivated and hungry towards your goals, rather than constantly hungry for food! 

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