Personal Training

Personal Training

swimmersOur personal training (PT) starts with an initial discussion about your health or fitness objectives, the ideal timeline and desired results.

A plan is then created tailored to your needs and to meet your goals. We provide PT for the following sports:


We offer virtual or face to face gym PT sessions which are run at our Cookham studio or these can be offered in your own home depending on location. The sessions include exercises using a mix of equipment e.g. Kettle bells, dumbbells and step focusing on the areas you would like improvement.


Our PT sessions for runners focus on strength, conditioning and a mix of cross training to give you the skills to increase your speed, avoid injury and improve your performance. We also provide guidance to non-runner clients who want to start running or those who are embarking on a long distance event, possibly their first 5K, triathlon or marathon.


From learning to swim a length of the pool to becoming a confident open water swimmer – if one of these is your goal then we are here to help. We offer PT sessions including swimming techniques to increase your strength, improve your breathing or stroke and build your endurance.

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