Mindset/NLP/Hypnotherapy Coaching

MindsetDo you find that you overthink things? Do you end up talking yourself out of being proactive potentially holding you back in key areas of your life? What you’ll realise is that it isn’t usually the situation that holds you back, it is actually the belief around the situation that can be the sticking point.

More fulfilling self-belief is possible through the approach of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This is an interactive form of mindset coaching which facilitates the way you experience the current version of your world.

Using perceptual, behavioural, and communication techniques, NLP makes it easier for people to change their thoughts and actions around their fitness, their racing or nutrition. It also can help with stress and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is another powerful tool that helps to improve your mindset. When integrated with your NLP coaching sessions, hypnotherapy can help you achieve the maximum benefit. Audio recordings are available for you to listen to independently or as part of your NLP package.

Sessions can be held either face to face or via Zoom:
£60 per hour Face to Face
£55 per hour via Zoom
Hypnotherapy audio recordings – please enquire

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