Kirsty is a top notch instructor and her coaching is spot on. Her workouts are hard work but she’s an excellent motivator so they are always great fun!


Kirsty’s classes really push you. She was a big part of me losing over 10 kg and getting to my goal weight which I’ve not been for 10 years.


Kirsty’s online classes are delivered with copious amounts of enthusiasm, energy and laughter! Kirsty is very clear with her instructions, demonstrating correct form and technique. I certainly feel I have derived so much benefit and strength from her classes.


I have known Kirsty for a few years and always looked forward to her classes! She’s a great instructor who is passionate about hard work whilst keeping it fun! Her classes offer lots of variety so there is no chance of getting bored! I would highly recommend her.


I’ve always found your classes to be fun and delivered with enthusiasm and passion with good banter, as well as good demonstration of the moves and an explanation of what moves can be good for our other hobbies. For example, how it can benefit my swimming.


Well what can I say about Kirsty except for… Kirsty is highly professional and delivers online and physical classes with lots of energy, enthusiasm and passion, which are suitably challenging for all abilities. Kirsty is able to provide alternatives for anyone how may be injured. I personally love the pain that Kirsty puts us through! It’s great to be able to have banter and fun with an instructor as this doesn’t happen with all. Thanks Kirsty for keeping me sane.


When we were thrown into lockdown I started Kirsty’s online Zoom classes. Weights was always a session which ‘I didn’t have time for, but Kirsty’s classes have totally changed my opinion and I really look forward to them. I have never known anyone know so many different combinations and movements. She’s passionate, engaging, knowledgeable, professional and we always have a giggle. I have had a few comments recently about my new muscle definition and this is definitely due to Kirsty’s classes.


Due to an illness and an inability to train for over 11 months I was unfit and very self-conscious, but Kirsty has been amazing. She’s helpful, knowledgeable and funny! She encourages you to work hard but ensures you don’t push yourself past your limit. Her classes are varied and fun to do. She will always give an alternative exercise if needed. Kirsty has definitely helped me get back into training again.


I’ve known Kirsty for years. I can’t say how much I look forward to her sessions. They set me up for the day and have provided the essential banter that was much needed! Her enthusiasm, passion, professionalism and knowledge are key attributes, and she always provides alternatives.


The online classes have been wonderful. No one class has been the same, which has increased the enjoyment factor. Hard work but fun accompanied by humour!


Kirsty is a fantastic motivational instructor and I highly recommend her classes, both online and outdoor. Whatever your level of fitness you’ll have a fun workout that will leave you feeling energised.


I’ve known Kirsty for many years as a fellow instructor. She is highly motivated and dedicated to her profession. Kirsty strives to keep up-to-date with current trends and her fitness knowledge is second to none. A great girl and a great teacher.

Lorraine (fellow instructor)

Kirsty is a professional instructor that has worked in the industry for many years. She is a wonderful teacher and always makes sure her clients are doing the exercises correctly and are given plenty of options. She is a true example of fitness and looks and breaths her job.


I hit a training plateau and became bored of my exercise regime. Kirsty knows that I easily get bored and so set me a new new training plan with a different workout challenge each week. It changed my mindset around my training. My training progressed and my running ability, and improved my overall fitness level as well as keeping me alert for my next challenge.

Jean (fellow instructor)
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